North Macedonia, Electricity on the free market rose by nearly 60%, to 92.4 euros per MWh

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Macedonian free market electricity consumers, mostly companies and state bodies, paid an average of 58.4% higher electricity bills last year, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission’s 2021 annual report.

The data refer to the whole year, and for the fourth quarter, when the energy crisis began, the average bill was much higher.

The average selling price of electricity calculated by traders and suppliers, including energy to cover losses in the distribution network, in 2021 amounted to 5,684.7 denars, or 92.43 euros per MWh. For the sake of comparison, the price in 2020 amounted to 3,220 denars, or 52.36 euros per MWh.

The energy regulator states that due to the autumn price shock on the international market and violations of bilateral mediation agreements, the average selling price was lower than the stock market price.

The first one from 2017 shows that the average purchase price is higher than the average selling price, which has led to more active suppliers / traders in the electricity market facing serious business problems, including the termination of electricity supply contracts with their partners. in neighboring countries, creating high net imbalances, and some of them ceased operations at the end of the year, the regulator said in a report.

The largest seller on the free market was EVN Supply with 25% market share and 982,438 MWh sold. It is followed by EDS with 645,080 MWh and a market share of 16%. EFT with 559,622 MWh, GEN-I with 554,075 MWh and U-POWER with 198,793 MWh are still in the top five.

Compared to 2020, EVN Supply, GEN-I and U-POWER recorded significant sales growth for end consumers, while EDS and ETFs reduced sales.


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