North Macedonia, ESM buys gas from the Bulgarian company Balkan Utilities at a price of 115.97 euros per MWh

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The Macedonian state electricity producer, AD ESM, announced that it will buy gas from the Bulgarian company Balkan Utilities, for the production of thermal energy in heating plants and other gas consumers in the country.

The company explains that the tenderer who offered the lowest price at the time of the decision was selected – in this case, Balkan Utilities, and that a contract was concluded with that company, which determined the amount of gas, price, delivery dynamics, and provided guarantees for delivery of requested quantities.

In December 2022, ESM Sales announced a tender for the procurement of natural gas for January 2023 for its own needs, as well as for the needs of other economic entities in the country. The public invitation was open to all domestic and foreign companies, and a direct invitation to submit an offer was sent to all active licensed traders and suppliers in North Macedonia.

The tender received two offers for the delivery of natural gas – from Makpetrol, at a price of 116.2 euros per MWh, and from Balkan Utilities, at a price of 115.97 euros per MWh.

At the time of the decision on the selection of the most favorable bidder, the price of natural gas on the stock exchange was 137 euros per MWh. However, it is not yet known which bank has given guarantees to the Balkan Utilitis company, guaranteeing that it will deliver the required quantities of gas even if there is an increase in the price on the world stock exchanges.

ESM also announced that ESM Sales will conduct a tender for the purchase of natural gas for February 2023 during January.