North Macedonia, ESM will cover the overall universal supply needs of EVN Home

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AD ESM will submit a bid in the tender of the universal supplier in Northern Macedonia EVN Home, which lasts until June 24, 2022. The ESM submitted budgets and proposals to the government in terms of price and quantity, after which the government decided in closed session on the recommended price and quantity.

Based on the performed analyzes and calculations, the Macedonian electricity producer determined that there is a possibility to provide total quantities of electricity for the needs of EVN Home suppliers, ie 100% of consumption of citizens and small consumers (the law obliges ESM to cover at least 60%), as well as for technical losses of EVN distribution and transmission operator MEPSO, the ESM said in a statement.

For this purpose, the electricity production plan for 2022 has been increased by 20% compared to 2021.

At the same time, EVN Home’s consumption increased by 27% due to the transition of consumers from the free to the regulated market (businesses, municipalities, public lighting).

To cover the additional needs of EVN Home and EVN Elektrodistribucija, the procurement of additional quantities of coal is planned in order to increase production in the thermal power plants Bitola and Oslomej, as well as the purchase of sufficient quantities of fuel oil for the operation of TPP Negotino, adds ESM.

After closing the tender for the supply of coal for the needs of REK Bitola, the company concluded three contracts for the delivery of a record 550,000 tons of coal, worth about 32 million euros. The price of imported coal ranges from 55 to 65 euros per ton.


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