North Macedonia: First dual-sided panels solar power plant

, SEE Energy News

Installation of the first solar power plant with dual-sided panels in North Macedonia was announced by Electricity distributor EVN Macedonia.

The power plant in question is located in Negotino and has installed capacity of 1,479 kW and estimated annual electricity generation of 2.1 GWh. The power plant is using dual-sided solar panels that produce electricity from both their sides – from direct sunlight in the front side and reflected light in the back side.

President of the Board of EVN Macedonia Stefan Peter said that this solar power plant is a result of the fruitful cooperation between the state and the private sector. He noted that EVN is proud to invest in projects that are designed to protect the environment and especially to reduce pollution, adding that the plant was built in only four months. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev highlighted the Government’s strategies for continuous development of the energy sector, and especially the part for renewable electricity sources. He pointed out that North Macedonia has excellent solar potential with 280 sunny days per year.