Region: NPP Krsko’s operational life to extend for 20 years

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NPP Krsko is owned by GEN Energija and Croatian power utility HEP, where the two companies own equal stakes. NPP Krsko was put in commercial operation in 1983 and it should be in operation until 2023, but both countries are planning to extend plant’s operational life by additional 20 years. The plant provides approximately 40 % of Slovenia’s total electricity output.

A session of the Intergovernmental Commission for Monitoring the Implementation of the Agreement between the Governments of Croatia and Slovenia on regulating status and other legal relations regarding investment, use and decommissioning of nuclear power plant Krsko was held in Zagreb.

The session discussed the report on the operation of the power plant, as well as the state of the funds collected for the decommissioning of the plant and the disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. Also, the third revision of NPP Krsko decommissioning program and the program for disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel was confirmed.

Croatian Minister of Energy and Environment Tomislav Coric said that the revisions of the program was finally confirmed, which is of exceptional importance given the obligations that both countries have undertaken by signing the Intergovernmental Agreement. Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure Jernej Vrtovec added that approved programs are key to maintaining the excellent and safe operation of the plant.

The revised programs were previously approved by the Croatian parliament and the Slovenian government and reflect a decision to extend the plant’s operation for 20 years after the originally planned shutdown in 2023 and a decision that each country will build its own waste storage facility.