Opposing the construction of RWE hydro power plants on Drina, but the protecting Lim too

, SEE Energy News

Non-governmental organizations from nine municipalities through which the river Lim flows, that are working together through an international organization Alpe Adria Green, welcomed the decision of the Montenegrin government to oppose the construction of hydro power plants on Drina in Republic Srpska, while calling for the authorities to react to the construction of power plants on Lim too.

Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazovic said yesterday that he was surprised by the statement of the President of the Republic Srpska, Milorad Dodik that his entity will build hydro power plants on Drina, no matter what the position of Montenegro is. Lazovic expects competent international bodies to react and protect the interests of Montenegro.

NGOs Euromost Bijelo Polje, SRK.Lim Berane, SRK.Lim Andrijevica, SRK.Plavsko Lake Plav, Mountaneering ski club Kolovrat Prijepolje, Friends of Brodarevo Brodarevo, Association of Environmental Protection Eco-Lim, Environmental Movement Lim Priboj, Rafting Club Priboj, Ecological Association Lora Rudo and Valine Rafting club are hoping that this will not be only one of the campaign promises.

“We are asking Mr. Lazović and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, what about Lim? Why aren’t they reacting to the construction of hydro power plants, Brodarevo 1 and Brodarevo 2 in Serbia, where Montenegrin territory is flooded? Isn’t that a violation of the territorial integrity of Montenegro; is our Lim less important than other rivers in Montenegro? Could it be because Lim lies in northern Montenegro, and he is not interested in the fact that this area will be flooded by some company REV, whose representatives are fighting in Serbia with representatives of non-governmental organizations that oppose the construction of hydro power plants on Lim, said executive director of NGO Euromost, Almer Mekić.

He called on Deputy Prime Minister Lazovic to say why they are not responding to the construction of hydro power plants Brodarevo 1 and Brodarevo 2, in Brodarevo in Serbia.

“We hope that at least You Mr. Lazovic, unlike your colleagues from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism will stand up for our river Lim” Mekić said.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine