Overhauls and modernization projects in Serbian power generation system, status update for summer overhaul season 2012, EPS Power Gen Director Zoran Bozovic

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Power plants that are parts of EPS are big construction site this summer. Revitalization of hydro power plants is continued. Units in thermal plants are modernized with new eco-protect systems, says Zoran Bozovic, the Assistant of Director in Electricity Generation Department of EPS.

If we put all works which have been performed in thermo and hydro plants during this month at one place, there will be the biggest and the more profitable construction site in Serbia. Significant resources and a large number of contractors are engaged, in order to replace and repair some technologically very complex entities, with dimensions that, in our opinion, can not be seen in the rest of Serbian industry. This type of overhaul requires to stop machines, and then to start their repairs, or even to replace the entire facilities. Zoran Bozovic says that 10 of 22 blocks have been in the process of overhaul during this month. Some overhauls are finished, but generally, we are in the middle of repairs season.

We asked our interlocutor about details related to every single repair, which are usually announced by expert teams in companies. Our goal was to get full information about what has been done, and also about the essence of facilities repairs planning, procurement of equipment for them, and about coordination of works within EPS.

All parameters are excellent

Everything that has been done since the beginning of repair season seems to be very good, although this season will run from February to Nevember. We had not any problem during the block movements, or in regular production. Just like in the last few years, all parameters are better than they were before repair. When it cames to thermal blocks, it can be seen in the case of coal consumption, the number of delays, or looking at the load that is achieved. In no one of the remaining repairs we do not expect any particular difficulties

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