Polish power generation engineering and manufacturing companies to participate on energy projects in Serbia

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Companies form Poland have so far shown interest to participate in new tenders which are expected for rehabilitation of blocks on thermal power plants, construction of new facilities and disposal of overburden and coal.

Bilateral cooperation between Serbia and Poland is not entirely developed and is happening mostly through joint participation of country representatives in meetings held under the auspices of Framework Convention on Sustainable Development of the Carpathians and in the energy field through business relations of public enterprises with the companies from Poland, says the information of Ministry of Energy addressed to the “Economic Review”.

On the basis of a bilateral interstate loan agreement between the Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Poland, which was concluded in 2002, a loan of U.S. $ 50 million was fully implemented and the user of the loanwas public Electric power Industry of Serbia (EPS). The loan was fully used until the end 2005 for the purchase of equipment and construction, which was defined by the individual contracts with Polish companies Rafako, Kopes, Dresta, ZPE, Katovice, Čemar and multinational companies with headquarters in the Republic of Polland – ABB i Aistom.

Companies from the Republic of Poland have so far shown interest to participate in the new tenderswhichare expected related tothe revitalizationof the blocks on power plants, construction of new facilities for the transportation and disposal of overburden and coal for open pit mines and auxiliary machinery.

In accordance with the conclusions of the discussions between the European Integration Office and the Embassy of Poland, which took place in March 2012 in which it was stated that the Republic of Poland can provide technical assistance to the Republic of Serbia in the form of the transfer of their own experiences, information and knowledge through delegation of Polish experts, in order to strengthen institutions in terms of European integration.The Ministry has materialized requests through proposals for expert assistance. Expert assistance is in relation to capacity building for the preparation/development of specific plans for directives (DSIP) and the negotiation process. The said support would be financed entirely by the Republic of Serbia.The following activities are planned:

Keeping workshops for the presentation ofDSIP; Help of Polish experts about improving the existing DSIP, prepared under the project “Strategy approximations Development in the environmental field for the Republic of Serbia” (the EAS project) based on the Polish experience in these areas as and comments of the working group for the DSIP. DSIP documents are critical for defining negotiating positions, especially in the section which defines the amount and sources of funding of planned activities on the implementation of specific EU directives. So far, the drafts have been prepared for sixDSIP directives, requests for expert assistance have been circulated to the relevant Ministries of the Republic of Poland, and a response is expected.

Since EPS is developing the electricity market in the Republic of Serbia and actively participates in the development of the electricity market in the region, it is very interested in and strategically committed to having a partner for the construction of new production facilities in region and in that sense a significant presence and performance of the companies Poland is expected, having in mind so far accomplished results and positive experiences.

Procurements of PE “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, which are generally of higher value, allow the participation of international companies and in that sense the participation of companies from Poland is expected. The same goes for other services that are financed from foreign sources, such as consulting services, design services and construction of power facilities in the Republic of Serbia.

Public Enterprise “Transnafta” (PE TRN) is interested in providing consulting services to the Polish side in the field of pipeline transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, storage and supervision during the construction of pipelines and related technical and technological infrastructure as well as contacting certain financial institutions and companiesin this state if they have an interest in supporting development projects of EP TRN, primarily financing and construction of the Pan-European Oil Pipeline (pipeline between the port of Constanta in the Black Sea and Trieste in the Adriatic Sea), systems of product pipeline through Serbia, and rehabilitation and construction of crude oil and petroleum productsstorage reservoirs.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine