Region, Electricity exports from Ukraine to Hungary and Romania dropped by 50 % in early August

, SEE Energy News

According to electricity transmission system operator Ukrenergo, total export of electricity from Ukraine in the period from 2 to 8 August 2021 amounted to 56.5 million kWh, which is 35.5 % compared to the previous week (26 July – 1 August). At the same time, last week’s imports amounted to 0.6 million kWh.

It is noted that the decline in exports occurred in two trade areas: Burshtyn TPP Energy Island by 57.8 % (from 51.3 million kWh to 21.64 million kWh), and UEG Ukraine by 4.1 % (from 36, 4 million kWh to 34.9 million kWh).

Exports to Hungary decreased by 52.4 %, to Romania by 56.5 %, while exports to Slovakia amounted to only 0.04 million kWh. From Slovakia, in the 2-8 August period, the import of electricity amounted to 0.6 million kWh, which is twice as much as in the previous week. The entire import was realized on 8 August, within a few hours. There were no imports of electricity from Russia and Belarus into the UEG Ukraine trade zone.

In June 2021, the import of electricity amounted to 4.4 million kWh, which is the lowest amount since the launch of the new market in July 2019.

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