Region, Harmonized maximum clearing price for SDAC set at +5,000 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

The harmonized maximum clearing price for SDAC (Single Day Ahead Coupling) will increase by 1,000 euros per MWh, the operators of the exchanges included in SDAC announced, in accordance with the methodology of the maximum and minimum clearing price and the CACM regulation.

This decision followed the realized price of EUR 4,000 per MWh on the trading day of August 16, 2022 (electricity delivery date of August 17) in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia at 18:00. It exceeded the value of 60% of the harmonized maximum clearing price for SDAC in at least one trading hour in one or more trading zones in accordance with the mentioned methodology.

The current harmonized maximum clearing price for the Day-ahead market (SDAC) is +4,000 euros per MWh, which means it will rise to +5,000 euros per MWh. The new maximum clearing price will be applied in all trading zones participating in SDAC, within five weeks after the mentioned event, i.e. from September 20, 2022 (electricity delivery for September 21).

The new maximum threshold to be reached to trigger an increase in the maximum clearing price is set at 3,000 euros from the day after the mentioned event (so in this case from August 17), as a value of 60 percent of the new harmonized maximum clearing price of +5,000 euros per MWh, the statement added.


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