Region, Increase in hydropower production by 19%, to 2,068 GWh

, SEE Energy News

The total contribution of hydropower increased significantly across the Southeast Europe region in the period from 21 to 27 November by as much as 18.9%, reaching 2,068 GWh, primarily thanks to heavy rainfall in most countries of the region during the week. All markets in the region, except Hungary, recorded an increase in hydropower production, with Serbia and Greece recording the highest percentage increase during this period, by 121.6% and 8.4%, respectively, to 245.1 GWh and 28.3 GWh.

Bulgaria and Croatia also saw increases in hydropower production, with the most significant increase recorded in Bulgaria, where the weekly hydropower contribution rose by 20.8% compared to the previous week.

Electricity production in thermal power plants remained relatively stable in the period from November 21 to 27 compared to the previous week, recording a marginal decrease of 0.7%, to 8,039.3 GWh. Thermal energy production was split between a 2.3% decline in coal-fired generation (4,229.3 GWh) and a 1% increase in gas-fired generation (3,810 GWh).

Lignite and gas production in Greece decreased by 18.5% and 3.6%, respectively, to 78 GWh and 292.6 GWh. Bulgaria, the region’s main electricity exporter, saw output from coal-fired power plants drop by 6.8%, while gas-fired output rose by 3.6% as domestic electricity demand remained stable.

Production from variable renewable energy sources in South East Europe increased during this period by 6.2%, rising to 2,414.7 GWh thanks to significant wind and solar production across the region.

Wind production was affected by the phenomenon of mild winds that prevailed in the southern and eastern parts of the region, contributing to the overall growth of 6.1% compared to the previous week, to 1,752.8 GWh. All markets in the region recorded higher wind energy production, with Bulgaria and Romania recording the highest growth of 55.2% and 57%, respectively.

The production of solar energy in the SEE region recorded a moderate growth of 9.5%, to 288 GWh. Most markets in the region have seen growth in solar production. Hungary and Croatia recorded the largest increase in solar yield by 24% and 44%, respectively, compared to the previous week, while Romania recorded a decrease in solar production by 67.7%. Greece modestly increased its total renewable generation this week, by 4%, to 373.9 GWh.