Region, Increase in the spot price to 142 to 249 euros per MWh

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The average spot price of electricity rose on all markets in Southeast Europe in the first half of the week (January 2 – 4) to over 142 euros per MWh.

The lowest average price on the day-ahead market from Monday to Wednesday was the lowest in Serbia and Slovenia – around 142 euros per MWh. It is reduced by 75%, i.e. 125% compared to the previous week.

The Croatian price increased by almost 120%, to 145 euros per MWh, and the Hungarian price by 128%, to close to 153 euros per MWh.

The Romanian and Bulgarian markets were flat, with a price of around 154 euros per MWh, which is 75% less compared to the previous week.

As in previous weeks, the Greek market is again the most expensive in the region, with 249 euros per MWh, compared to 233 euros per MWh the previous week.

In the week after the Christmas holidays, the average spot prices in the region did not exceed the threshold of 88 euros per MWh, except in Greece.