Greece, PPC announced a tender for the conversion of TPP Kardia III and IV into synchronous compensators

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The Greek public energy company PPC decided to convert the generators of blocks III and IV of the Kardia coal-fired thermal power plant into modern compensators for the provision of reactive power regulation services, voltage support and inertia in the system.

According to the tender notice for the design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of the project (on a turnkey basis), the compensator should be ready for commercial operation within 15 months after the contract with the contractor enters into force.

As PPC explains, the decision to approach the conversion of the generator into a modern compensator is in line with the modern trend worldwide for the decommissioning of conventional power plants, with an increase in installed capacity from renewable energy sources.

Synchronous generators of conventional power plants that are not in operation can be extremely beneficial to the power system after they are converted to synchronous compensators, providing important support to the country’s power system and the quality of the power grid.

According to the terms of the tender, the project involves the installation of a flywheel on the generator shaft. The works to be carried out include the installation of new transformers with an upgrade of the control, protection and management (AVR) system in accordance with the specifications of the network operator ADMIE, as well as a new system for starting rotation.