Region, Increase in weekly spot prices up to 207 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

In the period from November 7 to 13, 2022 (week 45), electricity prices in the countries of Southeast Europe increased, as a result of the increase in gas prices, the forecast cooling and the growth in demand for electricity. Thus, Hungary and Croatia recorded an increase in the price of electricity by about 28% compared to the previous week.

The average weekly spot prices of electricity in Central Europe increased in all markets, to over 120 euros per MWh. Slovenia recorded the highest price in this part of the continent – ​​196.73 euros per MWh, after an increase of 27.8% compared to the previous week.

The average weekly spot electricity prices in SEE recorded a significant increase for the 45th week. Electricity was traded in the range of 187-207 euros per MWh, with the wholesale prices of electricity in Serbia reduced on a weekly basis to 187.04 euros per MWh. Greece was the most expensive market in the region, with a wholesale electricity price of EUR 207.04 per MWh, and besides Romania is the only country in the SEE region to register prices above EUR 200 per MWh.

In parallel with the cooling, the demand for electricity increased in the 45th week in all markets of Southeast Europe, by a total of 18.3%, to 15,286 GWh. The highest growth of the spit in the region was recorded in Bulgaria, where the consumption increased compared to the 44th week by 22.35%. Demand for electricity in Croatia and Romania increased by 6.06% and 3.64%, to 3.5 GWh and 1,044 GWh, respectively, while demand in Greece remained relatively stable at 839.02 GWh, recording a slight growth of 1.9%.