Region: Increase of cross-border capacities as of 1 January

, SEE Energy News

At the beginning of 2020, cross-border capacities for Romania amounted to 2,200 MW each for export and import. As of 1 January 2021, Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica will significantly increase cross-border capacities with neighboring countries – Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine, namely to 2.800 MW for exports and to 3,000 MW for imports to Romania.

Through the extensive investment program in which Transelectrica is engaged, in the next five years, this cross-border capacity will double, which will allow the development of coupled electricity markets at European level, thus contributing to achieving the EU objectives.

Transelectrica’s CEO Catalin Nitu said that the strengthening the electricity transmission network with an emphasis on increasing interconnection capacity is one of the priority objectives of the company. Romania, through Transelectrica, is part of the European electricity network and has the mission to ensure both national energy security and European energy security. It has significant investments underway that will help to double cross-border capacity by 1 January 2026, so that it is in line with European requirements. The target is over 5,000 MW each for import and export.