Region, The gap between the Bulgarian and Hungarian spot markets widens to 110 euros per MWh on Wednesday

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The day before, delivery prices on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, on electricity exchanges in Southeast Europe are very uneven and range from 160.99 euros per MWh in Bulgaria to 275.63 euros per MWh in Slovenia and Croatia.

The spot price on the Serbian stock exchange SEEPEX increased by only 1 euro compared to the previous day, to 255.42 euros per MWh.

The Bulgarian and Romanian markets did not take off on Wednesday, as they did in the previous days. The Bulgarian price was reduced by about 7 euros, to 160.99 euros per MWh.

The price in Romania is 226.71 euros per MWh, which is 19 euros less than on Tuesday.

The Hungarian price was increased by 19 euros for one day, to 271.03 euros per MWh.

On the Slovenian and Croatian stock exchanges, the spot price on Wednesday is 275.63 euros per MWh, which is 22 euros more than on Tuesday.

The Greek price increased by 6 euros on Wednesday, to 232.28 euros per MWh.

According to EPEX SPOT data, day-ahead prices in Central and Western Europe for Wednesday range from 167.55 euros per MWh in Poland to 301.26 euros per MWh in France.