Region: Three TSOs agreed on the establishment of the Regional Security Coordinator

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The three electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) – Bulgarian ESO, Greek ADMIE and Romanian Transelectrica (Romania) have agreed on the establishment of a new Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) for southeastern Europe.
According to the agreement, the seat of the new RSC will be in Thessaloniki, Greece. CEO of ADMIE Manos Manousakis said that the decision on the location for the new RSC for southeastern Europe crowns and rewards the sustained efforts made over the past months by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) and ADMIE. The mission of the new RSC is to ensure the efficient coordination between electricity systems and electricity markets in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. The next goal is to ensure that further TSOs will join the new RSC.Talks with the Italian TSO are in advanced stage, along with ongoing discussions with TSOs of other Balkan countries.
In July, the three TSOs of the Southeastern Europe Capacity Calculation Region (SEE CCR) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the important steps to establishing a Regional Coordination Center (RCC). The MoU on establishing a RCC provides a framework for cooperation among the three Parties with a common goal to find a mutually acceptable solution for establishing a RCC based on the principle of most efficient, effective and timely fulfillment of the obligations set forth under the legal framework of the Third European Energy Package and the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package. The form of the legal entity, the liability and the location of the RCC shall be decided by the Parties. In particular, the Parties agree to prepare the operational characteristics considering that: ESO will provide Capacity Calculation services and will be temporarily nominated as Capacity Calculator for SEE CCR, until the RCC incorporation as a separate company while ADMIE will provide the service of Coordinated Security Analysis for the SEE CCR temporarily until the RCC incorporation as a separate company.