Region, Transmission system operators from Slovenia and Serbia have established a regional electricity exchange (ADEX)

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Transmission system operators from Slovenia and Serbia have established a regional electricity exchange (ADEX) that will offer spot electricity trading services in the two countries with the ambition to expand operations to the rest of Central and Southeastern Europe (CEE).

The Alpine-Adriatic Danube Electricity Exchange, ADEX, the first regional electricity exchange for CEE, was officially established on December 23, 2022 in Ljubljana, with the formal signing of the founders of the transmission system operator in Slovenia (ELES), the transmission system operator in Serbia, Elektromereža Srbije (EMS) and the European Electricity Exchange (EPEX spot), it was announced today.

ADEX was created by the corporate merger of the Slovenian electricity exchange BSP Southpool and the Serbian electricity exchange (SEEPEX), with its headquarters in Ljubljana and main permanent offices in Ljubljana and Belgrade.

The newly founded ADEX will, as stated, offer harmonized and unique (one-stop-shop) services for spot trade in electricity in Slovenia and Serbia, with the ambition to expand its operations to other countries in the CEE regions.

The chief executive officer of ELES, Aleksander Mervar, said that with the establishment of the regional electricity exchange ADEX, the Slovenian exchange BSP, which previously operated only on the Slovenian market, becomes a key player in the electricity market and in the wider European area.

“I am proud that the operator of the transmission system in Slovenia (ELES), as a 100 percent owner of BSP, managed to realize this exceptional goal together with its strategic partners, which also represents the first step towards the establishment of a strong regional electricity exchange”, said Mervar.

EMS General Director Jelena Matejić said that the new stock exchange will further encourage the development of the regional electricity market and provide a strong and reliable market environment necessary for new investments in RES and a sustainable “green transition”.

“The ADEX electricity exchange will boost overall trading activity and market development in CEE.” The whole of Europe will benefit from this new center of stock market activities, as it will further accelerate regional and European integration,” said EPEX spot chief executive Ralf Danielski, Danas reports.