Renewable Energy World Europe on the road to decarbonisation

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CO2 prices, interconnectivity, and incentivisation top the agenda as the integration of renewables into the energy mix gains momentum

Renewable Energy World Europe, Europe’s leading renewable energy conference and exhibition, has announced its conference programme for this year’s show. Being held 4-6June 2013 in Vienna, Austria, the conference will address the central theme of ‘Keeping Europe’s Power Flowing’ as renewable generation continues to drive significant change across the Continent.

The conference has been put together by an independent Advisory Board comprised of recognised experts from across the power industry. It includes strategic tracks addressing regulation, policy and finance, as well as technical tracks focused on improving operations and performance. In addition, an integration track will examine a wide range of smart grid applications, storage alternatives, and market mechanisms, as well as managing the challenge of variable output and distributed generation.

Utilities cannot always dispatch renewable power such as wind and solar, while traditional thermal plants are closing down because they are no longer competitive in light of new European legislation. The result is more variable output renewables and correspondingly less thermal capacity which can operate as a spinning reserve, creating a pressing challenge for transmission system operators (TSOs) and policy makers.

“Europe aims to transform its power market through a more climate-friendly energy policy and more renewables, but it has not taken the steps necessary to make this happen in a cost-efficient way,” says David Appleyard, conference director, Renewable Energy World Europe. “The industry needs to come together to find ways to accelerate the build-out of the infrastructure necessary to sustain the move to low-carbon energy, and agree on how far the EU can carry the global climate change burden on its own without a binding global agreement on CO2 reduction.”

Renewable Energy World Europe is co-located with POWER-GEN Europe, which is now in its 21st year and offers the largest and most comprehensive conference and exhibition for the European electricity and power technology sectors. The combination of conferences and exhibitions across the entire spectrum of power generation is unique and is serving the vital move towards integrating the traditional fossil fuel and fast-growing renewable generation sectors.  For more information, please visit

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