Republika Srpska: Annual overhaul of TPP Ugljevik 3.8MEUR

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The thermal power plant “Ugljevik” expects for the 3.8MEUR worth annual overhaul of the generator to be completed a couple days before the deadline on June 24, confirmed Slobodan Markovic, spokesman from RiTE “Ugljevik” .

Markovic said that the plan for the generator’s overhaul is to be completed within 40 days.

– The overhaul began on May 15 and is scheduled to be completed on June 24, but we expect it to be completed a couple of days earlier – said Markovic.

He points out that out of the 3.8MEUR of costs for the generator’s overhaul, around 1MEUR will be spent on investment operations on the block of the thermal power plant.

Denying some media writings about the inexpert executing of generator’s overhaul in previous years, and about large amounts of metal shavings in the generator, which could, as stated, halt the complete power plant operations and the entire enterprise which employs around 1,900 workers, Markovic says that overhauling is performed every year by a professional and for the job qualified companies, and that the complete block of the thermal power plant is automated and in the case of the smallest mistakes and potential malfunction, the block itself automatically stops operating.