Republika Srpska electricity production report, lower production and higher consumption

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In six months this year, production of electricity in Republika Srpska is 2752.92 GWh, which is 4.5 percent less than the same period last year, said the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Republic Srpska.

They pointed out that at the last session RS Government had adopted a report on the operation of the Joint Holding “Electric Power Industry of RS”, which is a consolidated report of all joint stock companies of the EPIRS in the first six months of this year, which states that this year a 90.2 percent of the planned production of electricity was achieved.

– Due to poor hydrology and low quotas in the reservoirs at the beginning of the year hydro power plants had lower production than planned, while the thermal power plant exceeded the plan – said the Ministry of Industry.

They added that the total consumption of electricity in the first six months was 1934.15 GWh, which is 4.03 percent more than planned.

When it comes to investments, the Ministry of Industry pointed out that in the first half of this year at the “Electric Power Industry of RS” 58.68 million CM of investment was realized.

– Achieved consolidated operating income amounted to 300.12 million, which is three percent less than the revenue in the same period in 2011. The decrease in revenue was influenced by lower production of electricity this year – they highlighted in the Ministry of Industry.

When it comes to expenses in the first half of this year they amounted to 294.85 million marks, which is at the level of expenditures in the first six months of 2011.
In the ministry they noted that the gross profit of EPIRS in the first half of the year is 5.26 million.

In the “Electric Power Industry of RS” they pointed out that they are not making a nine-month consolidated business report, because it does not provide a realistic picture of the operation of EPIRS since the overhauls in the production companies are usually performed in the summer, when the companies do not generate electricity.

– This year is specific because an overhaul was conducted in the thermal power plant Gacko that lasted more than two months and during that period it did not produce electricity – they said in the “Electric Power Industry of RS”.


In the “Electric Power Industry of RS” they pointed out that some of their daughter companies had negative result for the first nine months, but nevertheless they expect to end this year with positive results.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine