Republika Srpska: For 24 years HPPs on the river Drina produced 21.5 billion kWh of electricity

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Director of the Company HPPs on the river Drina Mile Lakic stated that the hydro power plant “Visegrad” produced 1.136846 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity for ten months of the year, which is higher by 53% compared to the same period last year.

– Increased electricity production in this period, on three units with a total installed power of 315 MW was accompanied by a profit of 6.5 million KM – Lakic said, adding that the Visegrad hydropower plant has produced a total of 21,579,336,683 kilowatt-hours of electric energy for 24 years of existence.

Lakić points out that the production cost of one kilowatt of electricity at the Visegrad hydroelectric power plant, due to technical equipment and skilled personnel, is 2.07 pfennig, while at hydroelectric plant Vrbas and Trebisnjica is almost twice as high.

He reminded that the annual plan of 909 million kilowatt-hours is fulfilled even on 25 June, what happened also to the rebalanced plan.

– Regarding projects, the biggest project is in progress – solving water leakage under the separating dam “Visegrad” which is extremely complicated and so far such has not been seen in the area – said Lakic.

According to him, the experts currently daily inject sand into the cavern at a depth of 190 meters below the upper level of the water, and when they clog it, a special mass will be injected that will petrify all that and prevent seepage. This investment will be finished by the end of summer next year.

Director of enterprise “HE on the Drina” says that the purchase of administrative building Andricgrad in Visegrad was successfully completed, where they will move until 27 January – Saint Sava and the patron saint of the company.

Company Lakic stands out from other projects the one improving the work of the economic sector, then making the ice-chest carrier bearing made ​​by experts of hydroelectric power plant, which saved 700,000 KM because they did not buy the “Toshiba” from Japan.

– In addition, we also set a sprocket for preventing the flow of garbage to the hydroelectric dam, and a device was purchased which prevents bringing shells from Drina River in the turbine – added Lakic.

None of hydro power plants in the former Yugoslavia has this device.

We also signed a contract on the monitoring unit that diagnoses any faults in the plant and so it is easier to remove them – said at a press conference the director of “HPP on the Drina” Mile Lakic.

Company HPP on the Drina so far paid off 5 mill KM as compensation for flooded land this year for the five municipalities where spreads accumulation of HPP “Visegrad”. Hydroelectric power plant “Visegrad” was put into operation on 26 November 1989.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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