Republika Srpska: Land expropriation for South Stream RS arm starts

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The Government of the Republic of Srpska prepared a draft law on the establishment of general interest and the special procedures of expropriation for the construction of the transportation of natural gas South Stream – arm in RS.

In order to shorten the deadlines, accelerate land expropriation and obtain documentation for  international arm pipeline through RS, the executive authority provides by this law special rules of administrative procedure, applicable solely to this project.

For the rights and interests of landowners in the process of expropriation, as well as for the method for determining the compensation the relevant provisions of the applicable Law on Expropriation shall apply, but the entry into possession of expropriated property shall not be determined by the payment of fees.

Compensation will not be paid either for changing the use of land, which is necessary for the construction of natural gas transportation South Stream – RS arm.

By one of the Articles of the Government law, which is submitted to parliament for consideration for the session on 29th October, it is stipulated that expropriation beneficiary “Gas-res”, established by the Government of RS, may submit a proposal for complete and incomplete expropriation to the competent administrative authority as well as temporary occupation and duration of temporary occupation, and that with one proposal for expropriation it may include one or more real estate exclusively in one type of expropriation.

The explanation of the Government states that in September 2012, RS signed a memorandum of cooperation with the company “Gazprom”, which envisages the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline through the RS, gas introduction and construction of gas power plants in RS.

Because of the great importance of the project and because of having the gas extending over the territory of RS from Bijeljina to Novi Grad, which has not been the case, it is appropriate to have a separate law to determine that it is of public interest to build a system for transporting natural gas South Stream – arm RS, they say in the Government RS.

Construction of the gas pipeline through the RS is very important project that will solve the energy stability and efficiency of the whole area of Republic of Serbia, and thus will create conditions for a better life and a better economic and business environment, because is the safest gas as a fuel for the population and industry, the most enduring and so far the cheapest.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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