Republika Srpska: Power utility ERS marks 334MEUR 2014 turnover

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Despite many problems the “Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska” achieved last year a positive result and profit in all subsidiaries except for two thermal power plants, but in the next three years it plans the lower production due to the revitalization and plant overhaul, said Branislav Milekic, director of the energy company ERS.

She explained that last year it was achieved production of 5,694 gigawatt-hours of electricity with produced 4.23 million tons of coal and realized overburden in the amount of 16.5 million cubic meters.

– Total turnover was realized in the amount of 334MEUR, costs amount to 327 MEUR- said Milekic.

She explained that all three hydro power plants had the positive operating, net profit of “HPP Trebisnjica” of 2, 7 MEUR, HPP “Visegrad” 2, 1 MEUR, “Hydropower plants on the Vrbas”1, 95 MEUR, while the parent company earned a profit of 11, 9 MEUR, with a positive performance of all five distribution and Research and Development Center, which had a positive result for the first time.

– TPP “Ugljevik”, unfortunately, made a loss of 5,5 MEUR, and the main reason for this is an extension of renovation for 31 days, while TPP “Gacko” has a negative result of 4, 95 MEUR due to difficulties in the coal exploitation – said Milekic.

She adds that the requirements of all enterprises from the “Electric Power Industry of RS” for the increase in the electricity price in RS are reasonable and minimum, and that the average amount is 8.68%, but that the fears of the possible consequences that will have are completely unjustified.

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