Republika Srpska: Project HPP Dabar is launched despite the opposition and court case for environmental protection

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Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism (FMIOT) launched court case in District Court Banja Luka for the purpose of termination of Solution from the Ministry for Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of Banja Luka which approve the Study of HPP Dabar Environmental Influence in basin of Zalomka in Poscenje profile, at Bileca, Nevesinje and Berkovici municipalities with projected power of 159, 15 MW. Project investor is HPP Dabar doo Trebinje.

Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has participated in three public discussions about the subject “Projekt Gornji Horizonti” and its threats to existence of Stoca and Donja Neretva since summer to November 2012 organized by Forum Bosna in order to draw public attention to this problem.

The total information about Gorni Horizonti and Government of BiH was sent to Ministry of External Trade and Economy Relations of BiH as supervisory national Ministry of Environmental Problems.

Considering that this is one of the biggest problems in environmental sector on BiH level, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has continued to work on animating institutions in public in BiH and region.

FMIOT got invitation from Sveuciliste in Zagreb for participation in roundtable about the subject “Sustainable management of water in Neretva and Trebisnjica basins” in Zagreb on 19 April 2013. Representatives of ministries have participated in discussion about this subject in cooperation with WWF (World Fund for Nature Protection) in Brussels where the problem of Gornji Horzonti was presented to EU institutions.

Council for Environment and Environmental Licenses in FMOIT, Josip Dolusic, stated to Fena that BiH Government has supported all activities of Federal Ministry, as well as the decision for launching the court case for the purpose of RS Ministry’s solution termination related to the problem of external trade and economy relations in BiH and that they have never won in this problem.

No matter on all these occasions and the launched criminal charge against solution to approval of disputable study for construction of HPP Dabar, FMIOT has come to an information that there is nothing disputable in this project.

Therefore, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has sent a request to District Court in Banja Luka. Request in this letter requires postponing the execution of charged act to making legal court decision because there are only knowledge that cities are being processed in disputable locality and execution and finalization can damage BiH Federation and this damage can’t be compensated or fixed.

Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has also addressed to Urban Construction and Ecology Inspection of RS because it has knowledge that investor of HPPs Dabar doo Trebinje in the project HPP Dabar in Zalomka basin on Poscenje profile at Bilece, Nevesinje and Berkovici territories with projected power of 159,15 MW, opposite to the fact that dispute near District Court Banja Luka is launched because of termination of charged solution and it still does activities that can harm prosecutor and that can heavily be compensated or fixed.

Urban Construction and Ecology Inspection can be asked to dictate certain investor and other subjects a termination and cancellation of all activities in disputable area to final completion of court procedure.