Republika Srpska: TPP Ugljevik new power plant project starts, HPP Mrsovo project with Chinese Power Engineering Group

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President of the government of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic said last week that preparations for the Unit 3 construction of Thermal Power Plant “Ugljevik” started, that investor already invested 50 MEUR and that it would continue with the planned realization.

Cvijanovic said that the president of the company “Comsar Energy”, Rasid Serdarov, as serious investor, by investment in Unit 3 construction of TPP  “Ugljevik”, started big investment cycle worth 700 MEUR.

“This project was combined with hydro energetic object which eluded power plant construction “Mrsovo” of 200 MEUR”, stated Cvijanovic to the journalists after signing Memorandum on strategic cooperation with Chinese company “China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation”.

According to him, it is very important that investment does not danger existing Thermal Power Plant and that new objects will provide employment of a large number of workers.

“I am sure that this fact will be well understood besides intentions to spoil that picture, so everyone who has job has to support others in their employment”, stated Cvijanovic.

She estimated as important that Serdarov decided to invest in Srpska and that those investments would contribute to the better goals realization that set government of Republika Srpska, and they were related to the crisis overcome, investment attraction and opening as much as possible numerous job positions.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk

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