Republika Srpska: Wind energy strategic path for local power utilities

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The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska stated for Srna that the share of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Srpska was around 42.9 percent last year, and the target is to increase the total amount by six and reach 48 percent.

When it comes to wind energy, the Ministry said that the most perspective locations in the Republic of Srpska for the construction of wind parks are at the territory of east Herzegovina, in Nevesinje, Berkovići, Gacko and Trebinje.

The Ministry mentioned that wind plants as uncontrollable sources have to be constructed in a controlled manner due to potential problems with connection to the network and taking over electricity, electricity subsidy and balance responsibility.

“It is defined that the Republic of Srpska shall encourage electricity production in wind plants of 100 MW total installed capacity, i.e. 200 GWh until 2020”, clarified the Ministry.

The Republic of Srpska defined priority parks that shall be constructed until 2020 and connected to network, since at the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina 350 MW of installed capacities in wind plants can be connected to energy network in total, out of which 120 MW in total for the Republic of Srpska.

“So far two wind parks were awarded concession in Nevesinje and Berkovići municipalities, 96.5 MW total installed capacity”, stated the ministry in line.

Concession for the construction of wind plant Trusina, 49.5 MW installed capacity at the territory of Nevesinje municipality was awarded “Eol prvi” company from Nevesinje, therefore the construction of this wind plant is expected by the end of 2017.

“Concessionaire has already obtained construction and environmental permit for the construction of wind plant and negotiates with vendors. Estimated total value of investment amounts to around KM 140 million”, stated the ministry in line.

Concession for the construction of wind plant Hrgud, 48 MW installed capacity at the area of Berkovići municipality was awarded to “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” Trebinje, and total estimated value of investment amounts to KM 126 million.

Ministry states that the funds for project financing were provided by the Government of Germany, with the help of German Bank for Reconstruction and Development and activities for harmonization of loan agreement are ongoing.

Petar Gvero, Professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Banjaluka stated for Srna that wind farms are very demanding investments, both from technical aspects due to the selection of technology, appropriate access roads, and financial aspect, which requires complex preparation.  “All that should follow up concessions and appropriate documentation. Due to specificity of production, if we take into account that the wind is stochastic energy source, appropriate transmission infrastructure has to be provided, in order to integrate such source into the entire electric power industry system”, stated Gvero, transmits