Romania: A fine for Delgaz Grid because of the dominant market position abuse

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Natural gas distributor Delgaz Grid operates a natural gas network of over 22,650 kilometers in length and an electricity distribution network of 81,900 kilometers in northern Romania.

Because of the abuse of a dominant position on the market of services related to natural gas distribution, electricity and Delgaz Grid, a part of German E.ON Group, has been fined with 6.1 million euros. Delgraz Grid said that it will pay the fine, but added that the behavior for which the fine was charged had no negative effects on the market.

Romanian Competition Council said that the fine sanctions the company’s abuse on the market of technical verification and revision services of natural gas installations in the distribution area operated by the company. According to the regulator, between March 2015 and December 2018, Delgaz Grid delayed or avoided openly providing an accurate list of technical verifications of its clients. Not only other companies were hurt due to Delgaz Grid’s behavior, but also the customers who were not able to choose their own supplier.