Romania, Asking price for all four packages was 101.3 euros/MWh

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Romanian hydro-based electricity producer Hidroelectrica offered on the OPCOM’s bilateral contract platform, four baseload packages of 5 MW each for the delivery in 2024.

Asking price for all four packages was 101.3 euros/MWh.

The interest was very high and the offer received 13 bids from domestic and foreign suppliers, and all packages were sold at much higher prices.

At the end, two of the packages were bought by EDS at the prices of 130.6 and 133.3 euros/MWh, one was bought by Liberty Steel Galati for 138.8 euros/MWh, while the last one was sold to Electromagentica at the price of 134.7 euros/MWh.

These prices represent a significant increase compared to two weeks ago, when Hidroelectrica sold similar packages to EDS at the prices of 121.6 and 119.3 euros/MWh and Electric Planners at the price of 129 euros/MWh.