Romania: Bankruptcy threatens to RES electricity producers

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The organization of electricity producers from renewable sources Patres requires the authorities to take immediate action to support the clean energy sector, which has been hit by frequent changes in legislation.

Vice President of the Association Patres Martin Moise warns that the situation in the sector is critical. According the information of the association, which includes 83 companies – producers of renewable energy, risk of bankruptcy threatens to one third of operators by the end of 2015th, if they were not able to repay the loans in the amount of about 1.5 to 2 billion EUR.

Producers of renewable energy appreciate the decision of the Parliament and the Government to approve the signing of bilateral agreements or direct negotiations for producers of renewable energy with capacity up to 3 MW.

For small producers, this measure is a welcome support, because they were at a disadvantage on the market because of the lack of predictability and depending on production weather conditions.

Moise warns that a major problem is the surplus of green certificates, which is especially a problem for small and medium-sized producers, who will get into a situation that cannot sell certificates.

He adds that manufacturers profit from renewable sources will be reduced this year by 75 percent compared to 2012th as a consequence of the reduction in the share of mechanisms for the promotion of renewable energy with green certificates.

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