Romania: Bucharest blackout due to a substation failure

, SEE Energy News

The failure in the national transmission system took place on 7 August. Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica said that it will investigate the conditions under which the incident happened.

The incident occurred in Domnesti substation while the refurbishment works were carried out. On 7 August at 12:47, at the 400/110/20 kV Domnesti substation, a damage occurred which led to the interruption of the electricity supply of a larger area in Bucharest. The refueling maneuvers began immediately after the incident and were successfully completed in about 60 minutes. Domnesti substation is in full process of refurbishment and through the investment made, the risk of such incidents in the future will decrease significantly, reads the press release from Transelectrica.

The electricity supply of the adjacent substations serving the western and central area of Bucharest and neighboring areas of Ilfov and Giurgiu counties was interrupted on Friday, at around 13:00, following an incident in the electricity transmission system, previously announced by the representatives of E-Distributie Muntenia. Following this incident, several neighborhoods in Bucharest, including Drumul Taberei, Militari, Giulesti, Rahova, Bucurestii Noi, Victoriei and Aviatorilor, were affected by the blackout.