Romania, Country has started physically exporting electricity to Moldova

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After Ukraine and Moldova have been synchronized with the electricity network of Continental Europe on 16 March, Romania has started physically exporting electricity to Moldova.

In the morning of 17 March, Romania was exporting 375.3 MW of electricity Republic of Moldova at a capacity of 375.3 MW and 312.1 MW to Ukraine.

Ukraine’s largest private energy company DTEK announced that on 16 March, Ukrainian United Energy System (UES) was synchronized with the Hungarian energy system through Burshtyn TPP. The same day, the European Commission said Ukraine synchronized its electricity network with that of the Continental Europe via Moldova.

The request for an emergency synchronization sent in late February by Ukrainian and Moldovan TSOa sped up the process. The two countries disconnected their grids from that of the Russia just before the war in Ukraine started on February 24, in a test to operate their networks in isolation.