Romania, Country is among the lowest CO2 emitters in the EU

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According to former Minister of Energy Razvan Nicolescu, Romania is among the countries with the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in Europe, with 3.8 tons per capita. Therefore, he recommends that the country should take a bolder stance in the decarbonization negotiations.

Only one European country fares better than Romania in terms of per-capita CO2 emissions – Sweden. Sweden has an average CO2 emission of 3.2 tons per capita, compared to Romania’s 3.8 tons per capita.

Romania started in 1989 from roughly the same level of per capita CO2 emission as the European Union (9.25 tons), but as of 2018 (latest data available), Romania’s emissions dropped to 3.85 tons compared to EU’s average of 6.42 tons.

Including the other greenhouse gases in the equivalent of CO2, Romania’s emissions stood at 5.9 tons per capita in 2019 compared to European Union’s 8.4 tons average.