Romania: Delgaz Grid investments in distribution networks

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For the electricity division, the value of investments was of about 50 million euros. Modernization works were carried out in 61 transformer stations, another 4 being integrated in SCADA system. The electricity network was modernized over a length of over 450 kilometers. At the same time, the electricity network was extended by about 340 kilometers. Romanian electricity and natural gas distributor Delgaz Grid, a subsidiary of German company E.ON, last year invested almost 95 million euros mainly in the modernization of the electricity and natural gas distribution networks, and similar value is planned for this year.

In the case of the gas segment, over 44 million euros were invested, primarily in the rehabilitation and modernization of the distribution system on a length of about 340 kilometers. At the same time, the network was expanded by over 170 kilometers to connect new customers.

For the current year, the investment budget is approximately at the same level as last year, respectively about 94 million euros. Specifically, in 2020, 51.5 million euros will be invested in electricity, mainly for the further implementation of SCADA and automation of the distribution system, smart metering, modernization of overhead networks and substations, replacement of transformers and for the connection of new consumers.

On the natural gas side, investments of some 43 million euros are envisaged, the main objective being the modernization of over 350 kilometers of pipelines and connections. At the same time, in recent years, a number of about 320,000 smart meters have been installed at consumers, through successive investment programs worth approximately 27 million euros. For 2019-2028 the company’s goal is to install about 397,000 meters, the value of investments being of about 26 million euros. This means that over 700,000 customers, representing 50 % of the total customers connected to the company’s electricity network, will have smart meters installed by the end of 2028.

General Manager of Delgaz Grid Csulak Ferenc said that modernizing and digitalizing networks remains the priority in the next period. The company is considering investments of some 390 million euros by 2023. Of this amount, 220 million euros are for the modernization of the electricity network, and 170 million euros for the natural gas network.

Since 2005, E.ON has invested about 1.6 billion euros in the modernization of gas and electricity networks in Romania and paid over 2 billion euros in taxes.






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