Romania: Drop in energy imports, stable HPP power generation

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Imports of energy products had a significant decrease of 14% in 2013 over the previous year, mainly due to the sharp fall in imports of natural gas (-1.144 million toe -49.3% respectively), which represented approximately 71% of total imports decline (-1.622 million toe),

according to data of the National Statistics Institute (INS) final energy consumption in 2013 decreased compared to 2012 (-3.9%);decrease of 7.2% in industry (including construction) was caused by decreases in economic activities consuming energy resources, such as the chemical industry (-15.6%) and metallurgy (-1.9%).

Export energy (including bunkers) of 4.408 million toe, increased compared to 2012 with 610,000 toe, representing + 16.1%.
Gross inland consumption of energy per capita in 2013 was 1487 kg oil equivalent.

In 2013, energy resources and primary energy production decreased compared to 2012 (- 6.3% and -4.6%).
The available energy resources amounted, in 2013, 40.7 million tons equivalent oil (toe), down 2.739 million toe (-6.3%) over the previous year, due to lower primary energy production and imports of energy products.

Coal resources (excluding coke) recorded a sharp decline ( -22.8%).Primary energy production in 2013 of 25.9 million toe, had a decrease of 1.259 million toe to 2012, but continued to keep a significant share in total energy resources, representing 63.6% of them .

There were decreases in production in all primary energy carriers except hydro electricity production, wind and photovoltaic (+ 35.1% yoy) and crude oil increased by 3.5% compared by 2012.