Romania: Due to low temperatures electricity consumption exceeds 9,200 MW

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Due to low temperatures across Romania Electricity consumption in the country has exceeded 9,200 MW in the morning hours of Wednesday, 10 March and according to data published by electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica, about a half of consumption was covered by renewable energy generation.

At 09:50, electricity consumption in the country amounted 9,222 MW, total production reached 9,224 MW, with the surplus 2 MW being exported.

Renewable energy sources were accounted for about a half of Romania’s electricity generation at that time: wind provided 26 % of total generation, hydropower provided 22.3 %, solar was accounted for 1.6 %, while biomass provided 0.78 %. In the last five years, the highest consumption in Romania was reached in January 2017 – 9,930 MW.