Romania: E.ON’s gas supply merging

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E.ON is going to merge gas supply of commercial and residential customers.

E.ON initiated the legal procedures of merging of the two natural gas suppliers it owns in Romania, by absorbing E.ON Gaz Furnizare, specialized in supply for regulated residential customers, by E.ON Energie, gas supplier for customers on the free market and a supplier of last resort in eastern Romania in the network area operated by the distributor Delgaz Grid.

Basically, it will come back to the situation before the fall of 2017, when E.ON Energie was separated from E.ON Gaz Furnizare, which took over the activity of gas supply to regulated residential consumers, precisely due to the fact that the two markets were at that time in different stages of liberalization.

Now, the two companies will be merged by absorption under the umbrella of E.ON Energie, in view of the liberalization of gas supply for the residential consumers from 1 July.

The statement from the company said that, with a view to eliminating regulated supply prices, all residential customers will be able to exercise their right of eligibility by choosing a natural gas supplier with which to conclude a contract for the supply of natural gas on a competitive basis. Therefore, in these market conditions, the existence of a separate entity for the supply of natural gas to regulated consumers is no longer justified.





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