Romania, EDPR is currently developing a new 70 MW wind farm project

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The Portuguese group EDP Renovaveis (EDPR), the fourth-largest producer of renewable energy in the world, is currently developing a new 70 MW wind farm project in the eastern part of the country and is looking to take over several solar power plants and wind farms in other parts of the country.

EDPR currently operates several solar power plants in Romania, with combined installed capacity of over 520 MW.

It is in the process of getting the environmental permit for a project with an installed capacity of up to 70 MW, located in Negrilesti, Galati county. The new wind farm will be built on an area of about 40 hectares and will consist of 10 turbines with a capacity of 5-7 MW each. It also takes over several solar and wind projects in Timis and Bacau counties.

Last summer, EDPR took over a local company Energopark, owned by several legal entities registered in Cyprus, which has in its portfolio a
project dating back to 2010 for the construction of a 56 MW wind farm in Bacau County. It has also started the procedures to acquire local companies belonging to a group of Romanian and Italian entrepreneurs with solar projects with combined installed capacity of 135 MW in Timis County.