Romania, Electricity exports increased by 50%, to 436 GWh in September

, SEE Energy News

Romanian electricity exports in September 2022 increased by almost 50% compared to the previous month, according to data from the energy regulator ANRE. Less than half of the imports were realized through the tiled day-ahead and intraday markets.

According to the latest available data from September, published by the regulator, Romania exported 436 GWh of electricity in that month. This is almost 50% more than in August (291 GWh) and 18% more than in September last year – 368 GWh.

In September 2022, exports accounted for about 11% of domestic consumption, compared to 7% in August, compared to 9% in September 2021, ANRE data show.

The average export price in September was BGN 1,548 (EUR 315) per MWh, which is a sharp drop compared to August (EUR 443). However,  August was the month with the highest historical price in the electricity market.

According to ANRE data, out of 436 GWh, 163 GWh were exported through the tiled spot market mechanism, at an average price of 313 euros per MWh (three and a half times more than in August, when 47 GWh were exported), while 40 GWh were exported through of the tiled market within a day (compared to 50 GWh in August).

Electricity production was rather weak in September (4.11 TWh, the third lowest in 2022), in conditions of rather low net domestic consumption – only 4.04 TWh, according to Transelektrika data.