Romania: Electricity generation capacities of 20,654 MWh

, SEE Energy News

Romania officially has electricity generation capacities of 20,654 MW, but the regulator is still in a process of analysis to determine which plants are still operational, according to the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE).

Of the total amount, 32.4 % represent hydropower capacities (6,692 MW), 23.2 % coal-fired plants (4,787 MW), 15.5 % gas-fired plants (3,210 MW), 14.6 % wind farms (3,021 MW), 6.8 % nuclear (1,413 MW), 6.7 % solar power plants (1,392 MW) and 0.5% biomass power plants (112 MW). The other item includes biogas (20.45 MW), residual heat (4.1 MW), waste (0.63 MW) and geothermal (0.05 MW).

Last August, ANRE President Dumitru Chirita announced that units that are no longer operational will lose their license, in order not to appear in the official statistics on the country’s installed energy capacity.