Romania: Electricity network investments in 2020

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Last year electricity distribution and transmission companies invested a total of 320 million euros, thus completed over 99 % of the planned amount of investment in electricity networks, according to the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE). The statement from ANRE said that the investment works mainly focused on modernization and development in order to ensure the operation of electrical networks in conditions of safety, efficiency and reliability in accordance with the approved performance standards.

Electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica forecasted investments of 35 million euros and made 34.6 million (98.8 %). Among the distribution companies, E-Distributie Muntenia estimated 46.8 million euros and achieved 49.1 million (104.8 %), E-Distributie Banat estimated 26 million euros and achieved 22.5 million (86.6 %), while E-Distributie Dobrogea planned 21.5 million euros in investments and achieved 21.9 million (101.9 %).

In the case of Delgaz Grid, the planned level of investment was 31.5 million euros and the one achieved was 29 million (92.2 %). Distributie Energie Oltenia budgeted 39.3 million euros for investments in 2020 and achieved 40.7 million (103.1 %).

Regarding the Electrica group, the level of investments for the Muntenia Nord area was planned at 41.5 million euros, while 41.3 million was achieved (99.5 %). For Transylvania Nord, the plans was 38.2 million euros, while 31.9 million (101.6 %) was achieved, and for Transylvania Sud – 41.5 million euros planned and 41.7 million euros achieved (100.5 %).