Romania: Electricity trading platform

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Aimed at ensuring concentrated demand and simplifying market access, the new platform for the selection of electricity suppliers by residential and non-residential end-users, launched by Romanian Commodity Exchange (BRM), offers the well-established advantages of stock exchange mechanisms: transparency, strict trading rules applied equally to all participants, fast, simple and friendly, efficient access, best execution.

By actively participating with the best offers of the most important suppliers, as well as by significantly aggregating purchase orders, the optimal framework for balancing demand with supply is achieved, the necessary condition for determining the correct and advantageous prices for consumers.

The transactions will take place weekly, electronically, on Mondays, with residential consumers enjoying free participation. They will be able to opt before the tenders for the predefined contractual characteristics and will sign the new contracts at the end of the price discovery sessions.

Conceived as a support tool, but also for stock market education of the general public, the new trading platform will represent, for its initiators, both an important step in the development of the Romanian electricity retail market and a contribution to solving a social and economic problem that concern large sections of the country’s population.