Romania: Energy regulator changes conditions and fees for grid connection

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The changes to the regulatory framework for establishing solutions for the connection to public electricity networks, the National Energy Regulatory Authority – ANRE supports the user by reducing connection costs, simplifying the connection and enables them to benefit from the most advantageous solution for the connection specified in a statement the Authority.

The Regulatory Committee has approved Order no. 102/2015 approving the Regulation for establishing solutions for connecting users to public electricity networks representing the revised Regulation for establishing solutions for connecting users to public electricity networks, approved by ANRE Order no. 129/2008.

Regulation for establishing solutions for connecting users to public electricity networks with the phases and procedures for setting variants of the solution or solution for connecting users to public electricity networks and determining the content descriptions and studies for connecting solution mains to all users.

The changes introduced by the new order are mainly the following: – Simplification of connecting places of production and places of consumption and production of low power by changing the way down by the network operator solution for connecting manufacturing sites to meet conditions imposed by Law no. 121/2014 on energy efficiency.

Network Operator which has been requested connection is responsible for developing, where appropriate, to plug the solution or solution study.

It was set explicitly, the possibility that the network operator to conclude the contract to develop a solution study certified operator chosen by the user.

It was foreseen how collaboration can operate between the concessionaire and operator of distribution network operator that has developed through the study of solution for connecting direct line to establish the connection solution. The distribution operator grantee is required to submit at the hearing or refuse approval for the connection agreement, and in case of refusal, the operator of the distribution concessionaire is obliged to present a solution for connecting to the public interest in technical and economic terms equivalent or User advantageous in terms of cost of connecting.

A provision that was introduced clarifies misunderstandings between network operators and users on the opinion survey solution to be settled amicably or by a third party expert who can be a Electrical installation projects checker authorized and / or a technical expert quality and extrajudicial authorized electrical installations. If the parties do not reach an agreement, users can request the initiation of the resolution of the dispute regarding access to the grid, in accordance with regulations. , transmits

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