Romania: Energy sector investments by 2030

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Romania aims to meet 30.7 % of its energy demand from renewable sources by 2030, compared to current 24.4 %. According to the draft of Romania’s 2020-2030 Energy Strategy, the country will invest some 22.6 billion euros in its energy sector in the next ten years.

In the next ten years, Romania plans to increase its installed electricity production capacity by 35 %, which includes new wind capacity of 2,302 MW and new solar capacity of 3,692 MW, thus ensuring a higher degree of energy independence.

A higher electricity production capacity will help Romania reduce energy imports from 20.8 % of consumption estimated for 2020 to 17.8 % in 2030, reaching one of the lowest levels of dependence on energy imports in the EU.

Regarding the natural gas segment, Romania will focus on the development of the national gas transmission system on the Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Austria (BRHA) corridor and on the development on the Romanian territory of the southern gas corridor for receiving natural gas from the shores of the Black Sea.

Romania plans to replace several coal-fired units with combined cycle units powered by natural gas and units based on renewable energy sources by 2030. The strategy also envisages the construction of two additional units at the nuclear power plant Cernavoda operated by Nuclearectrica. Currently, nuclear production covers about 18 % of the country’s total electricity production through the two existing units in Cernavoda and that share will increase to about 28 % in 2035 through the addition of two more reactors.