Romania, First market transactions for large BRM energy consumers – prices exceed 200 euros per MWh

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Last week, the first transactions were made in the market for large energy consumers (PMC), managed by the Romanian Commodity Exchange, BRM. Prices are high, but well below market, consultants say.

Thus, four transactions on the new PMC platform were realized on June 23, and the seller was the state company Nuclearelectrica, the operator of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant. According to the platform, the company sold four packages – two at a price of 990 levs (200.4 euros) per MWh, the third for 201 euros per MWh and the fourth for 211 euros per MWh.

According to the energy consulting company Partnerg-i, the total amount offered was bought by Alro Slatina, an aluminum producer and the largest consumer of electricity in Romania, which is currently operating at reduced capacity due to high energy costs.

Electricity prices on the local market have not fallen below 200 euros per MWh for almost two and a half months, as well as prices on the closing of the external reference market, which have been at the same level for more than a month and a half. At the same time, the volume of trade is huge, given that the largest local daily volume for electricity delivery in 2023 was achieved, according to Partnerg.
The total turnover reached about 447 GWh, for delivery in 2023.

The OPCOM platform has also hosted PMC for several years, but not a single transaction has been realized in this market until June 17. At that time, Hidroelectrica sold a smaller quantity (3,720 MWh) to the Oltenia distribution at a price of 160 euros per MWh, with delivery in July 2022.


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