Romania, Gas storages are 81 % full

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According to data provided by natural gas transmission system operator Transgaz, Romanian gas storage facilities are 81 % as of 17 September, thus surpassing the mandatory threshold (80 %) set up by the European Commission for Romania.

However, even with full capacity of all of its gas storage facilities, Romania is not self-sufficient during especially harsh winter days, due to relatively low extraction rate from storage facilities.

To deal with this issue, Romania has designated a series of large industrial, non-critical companies for being cut deliveries when needed to secure supplies to households, public institutions (hospitals) and critical companies. Many non- critical industrial consumers such as fertilizer manufacturer Azomures have already reduced or suspended operations, which significantly diminishes the risks.

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said last week that the gas stocks at the level of the European Union have reached 84 % of the total storage capacity. In September 2022, the average gas storage filling level among member states exceeded 80 %. The agreed minimum EU target for the end of 2022 is 85 %.