Romania, Hidroelectrica announces tender for feasibility study for new hydropower plants

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Hidroelectrica, Romania’s largest electricity producer, has announced in an electronic public procurement system a tender for a feasibility study for new hydropower plants on the Buzau River.

The name of the project is Hidroelectrica Development (AHE) of the Buzau River in the Nehoias-Buzau segment.

The investment should be realized on the river Buzau in the length of about 70 kilometers, with a total drop of 317.5 meters, according to Hidroelectrika.

The hydropower complex on the Buzau River currently includes five power plants: HPP Nehoiasu 1, completed in 1988 (2 times 21 MW), HPP Nehoiasu 2, under construction (55 MW), HPP Candesti, commissioned in 1990, (11 MW) , HPP Vernesti, commissioned in 1990 (11.8 MW) and HPP Simileaska, completed in 1990 (11.7 MW).

Hidroelectrica is the largest, cheapest and most profitable producer of electricity in Romania, with an annual production of about 17 TWh. The company currently operates 209 hydropower plants, with a total installed capacity of 6,482 MW. To this was added the Cruce wind farm.