Slovenia, HSE has commissioned 3 MW Prapretno solar power plant

, SEE Energy News

Slovenian state-owned electricity producer HSE has commissioned 3 MW Prapretno solar power plant, built on the rehabilitated section of coal landfill near Hrastnik.

The statement from the company said that this is the largest solar power plant in the country, a project worth some 2.5 million euros which will provide enough electricity to cover the demand of some 800 households. The plan is to increase the capacity of the plant to 12 MW.

HSE said that the launch of the solar power plant in the former coal mining region was an investment in security of electricity supply that followed EU guidelines on reducing carbon emissions.

The opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Janez Jansa, who said that Slovenia now has sustainable and green energy sources at its disposal after decades of production of electricity mainly from fossil fuel sources, adding that the state would give back to regions where coal had been extracted for electricity production by providing funds from the Just Transition Fund.

HSE CEO Viktor Vracar said that the new power plant pursues the objective of secure and reliable electricity supply, adding that international events had forced Slovenia to strategically restructure its energy sector, with the ultimate goals of decarbonization and reducing dependence on foreign energy.