Romania, Hidroelectrica is in the process of buying 2,000 MW PV and wind farms, worth 2.3 billion euros

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Hidroelectrica, Romania’s largest electricity producer, is considering the purchase of three wind farms and one photovoltaic fleet, which are in various stages of development, according to a 2021 report by the company’s board.

Hidroelectrica submitted non-binding offers for four plants in the last quarter of 2021, the document states.

If the transactions are realized, the company would invest around 2.3 billion euros in these projects, which would enable the production of an additional 5 TWh of electricity per year. Currently, the company produces about 17 TWh per year.

Hidroelectrica states that the total installed capacity of these four projects exceeds 2 GW, with an estimated production of close to 5 TWh per year. The total value of investments is estimated at around 2.3 billion euros, according to data from sellers and data from the market.

The company has previously had at least one attempt to buy a large photovoltaic project, but without success. It is about the photovoltaic park Ratesti, with a capacity of 150 MW, which was offered for sale by the investor Portland Trust last year.

According to unofficial information, the Supervisory Board of Hidroelectrica opposed this acquisition. In the end, the project was bought by two Israeli developers, Econergy and Nofar Energy.


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