Romania: Hidroelectrica’s 2020 profit to be distributed as dividends

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Last year, the amount of electricity sold by the largest Romanian electricity producer Hidroelectrica from its own production reached 14.58 TWh, down 1.3 % compared to 2019, while the total amount of electricity sold was 15.96 TWh, marking an increase of 0.7 % compared to 2019.

Hidroelectrica will propose to its shareholders a distribution of the entire profit from 2020 (minus the legal reserve) as dividends.

Thus, the total dividend payout for 2020 will amount to around 260 million euros, out of a 295 million euros net profit recorded last year. As the holder of 80 % stake in the company, the Romanian state would take the largest amount of the payment (over 200 million euros), while investment fund Fondul Proprietatea, which holds the remaining 20 %, would get around 50 million euros.